What is Amujamu?

Amujamu.com was born to cater to your traveling requirements. You shall find all the international tours within seconds. The tour prices are usually discounted to make it as much affordable for you as possible. The search can be customized to show only the relevant tours you're seeking. And the best part is, looking for anything on amujamu.com is as easy as 123. Whatever you're looking for, be it private climbing sessions or diving in secluded beaches, there's a tour just to fit your needs perfectly. Our customer service agents make sure that all your queries are answered and help you out in every possible way. We shall leave no stone unturned to make your experience with us a memorable and trouble-free one.

Our Mission

Amujamu, an authentic but unmatched tour marketplace in a convenient and soothing budget that solemn to content every traveler. The world is a wonderful place to wander every moment, and here you have your customized dream tour with desired activities ready with some checks and clicks in the twinkling of an eye. Be a dreamer and travel with us.

How Amujamu Works?

Pricing Strategy

Designed as a comprehensive solution for maintaining tours globally

No signup fee

Right place for those who want to increase sales, achieve better margins

All of your services are listed in a single marketplace

Capable of taking the customers booking even in last minutes

Dedicated mobile application for Tour operators

Unbiased review platform

Easy account management with detailed report

Why Join amujamu

Come Join Us!

Provides comprehensive features to provide a complete solution for tour Highly customizable, Easy monitoring for each individual tour and tour day, Easy and intuitive web and mobile interface, Software based solution.

Some Important Details

Amujamu.com is available on both desktop and mobile version so you can make last minute bookings on the go. Find out all the updated information and relevant reviews that shall be helpful prior to your travel.

Welcome to the Team

Our team consists of the most versatile marketing and tour management experts who know just the right mix of elements to input into the tours to make it desirable to you. We strive to reach the best we can when it comes to satisfying our beloved travelers and anyone interested in enjoying our services.
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