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Art in Paradise (Pattaya)

Art in Paradise (Pattaya)

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Package Details

Admission Ticket to Art in Paradise Pattaya.

Tour Highlights

  • Different zones inside the museum dedicated each category
  • A very non-traditional museum experience in Pattaya
  • The ultimate 3D museum with a high-quality experience
  • Get creative in your photographs and amaze your peers

Tour Details

Art in Paradise is the ultimate 3D museum in Pattaya. This fantastic museum has it all to make your trip a unique and adventurous one.
Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu

The mind-blowing illusions of the portraits exhibited here will blow you away for sure. This museum doesn't only display art, but the types that are interactive visually. The art masterpieces reveal the extent of human creativity and imagination in the best form.

Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu

There are ten individual 3D galleries to explore and spend a fun day.

To name some of the interactive zones inside this museum:

1. The Illusion Room

2. Underwater Room

3. Room of Wildlife
4. Gallery of world-class artists (2 rooms), such as Leonardo DaVinci's Monalisa, Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres's Grande Odalisque.

5. Civilization Hall Like Ayutthaya, the old city of Machu Picchu or the lost city of Inca of Peru. And the Egyptian civilization of the Nile Basin.

6. Surrealism Room

7. Dinosaur Room

8. Waterfall in the steep hills.

9. Art Exhibition

10. Room with beautiful views.

You can get very creative with the pictures for the perfect photographs in Art in Paradise Pattaya. Fill up your Instagram feeds and amaze your friends or leave them to wonder about where you have been for holidays.
Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu

The photography will be astonishing because of the 3D illusion which will make it appear as if you're a part of the scenery.

In the real sense, you will be inside the art pieces of Art in Paradise Pattaya and feel like you're a part of it.

The atmosphere is very secure, relaxing and friendly inside the gallery.
Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu

You will be inspired, feel an artistic vibe and get indulged in the world of fantasy created by paintings and optical illusion. Prepare for unlimited laughter and entertainment with your friends and family.



Time of opening:

open every day Not a public holiday. Start from 9am - 10.00pm.

Inside the museum Art in Paradise  Pattaya features more than 10 exhibitors, including the room.

Reviews ( 39 )





An attractive place to visit. The view was good and I took lots of photos with friends.


Souvik Nandy


Not too bad of a place for spending some time when in Pattaya. They could improve on the painting though.




I love photography much and this place just gave a great experience to my Pattaya tour. The artwork was stunning to look at and the colourful environment is enough to make you happy.




It was good fun with friends for a few hours that we spend. Art and wall painting were worth to praise.




Amazing fun 3d art and the perfect place to take fun pictures