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  • Authentic Thai signature dishes methods and techniques
  • Learn from the highly experienced and well-reputed chef
  • Master the art of Thai cuisine with a world-class cooking experience
  • Enjoy the Pum's lazy cuisine, and it’s special cooking classes
  • Best thai cooking class in Phuket

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  • Pum's first recipe book
  • Good to Cook with Pum
  • A new found knowledge of Thai cuisine

Pum Thai cooking school is a very well known in Thailand for its authenticity and style of cooking. The experience shall be exceptional among fellow learners from all around the world with a very friendly instructor.
Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu
The chefs are highly certified and cook the Thai cultural food in their style which will be a bonus to your classes at Pum's food chain.
Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu

The rich aroma and flavor of Thai dishes are genuinely mouth-watering that is worth the effort to learn to cook them.
Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu

The culinary experience of observing how some fresh and colorful raw ingredients are prepared to result in an excellent Thai dish is invaluable. Traditional Thai cooking is more than some pre-set method.
Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu

Give yourself the opportunity to gain a hands-on experience in cooking through pum cooking school thailand . Be it for the next friend's party, a casual dinner night at home or just for yourself, knowing how to cook authentic Thai cuisine will make you feel content and proud.

Open Daily: 11am-9pm

Classes available: 11am/4pm/6pm

Classes offered:

Pum’s little Lipstick- Available every day at 6 PM, lasts 90 minutes

Learn the secrets behind three of Thailand’s most famous dishes; Tom Kha Gai, Tom Yum Goong, and Geang Kheo Wan Gai. This quick and simple class is very popular because of the time. In just 90 minutes you learn the basic of Thai Food!

Pum’s little Shoes- Available every day at 11 AM and 4 PM, lasts three hours

In this class, you get to choose what dishes you want to cook. If you are stuck, then we can recommend something based on your favorite flavors. The FOUR dishes are chosen by you, and once cooked you can enjoy the other student’s food in the after-class meal.

Pum’s little wok- Available every day at 11 AM, lasts four hours

This class has proven to be our most popular one, the choice of FIVE dishes, the extra knowledge, and market tour in particular interest a lot of people. We keep these classes even smaller and more personal so that you get much more out of your day.

Pum’s little pigtails- Available every day at 11 AM, lasts five hours

This is the big one for those who want a very special day catered to all their needs. Six recipes this time, the extensive market tour, a copy of PUM’s Lazy Cuisine cookbook, and all of this done at a slow, relaxed, holiday pace. Stress-free and full of enjoyment, this class can be private, or you can share with others, your choice!


Cancellation must be made 72 hours before arrival date, last minute cancellations will incur a full rate charge of the price.

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