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  • Explore the wildlife at pen park themed Safari Park
  • Lots of exotic animals from around the world
  • From Giraffes to flamingoes and African lions lots to see
  • Your children will love interacting and watching all the creatures

Location Details

Safari Park in Kanchanaburi offers the tremendous experience for animal lovers. This park is not like a traditional zoo where the animals are restricted to borders and fences. Here, the harmless creatures roam around freely while you observe them more closely or even get to feed them by your hand.
Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu
The friendly Giraffes, Llamas, Flamingoes, Deer, Camels, Ostrich, and Zebras will become your favorite to hang around with.
There are many exotic animals found here that were brought from around the world. You can also discover some of the fascinating wild animals such as Bengal Tiger, African Lion, Blackbear, Leopard, and blackbuck.
Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu
However, If you want to, then you can explore the open zoo at Safari park on a minibus inside the place.
Some of the most fantastic animal shows are organized here. Bring along your children for a fun day at the open zoo filled with excitement, affection and cute creatures all around. The older ones may find it educational to see and learn more about the beautiful animals.
Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu
This open park was created with an aim to provide education on animals for students as well as visitors. Camps are organized for boy scouts willing to spend time in the zoo.

Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu
The park environment is very safe and clean with the most modern technology available. To mention a few features of this park are the animal shows such as Elephant’s show, Crocodile wrestling show, and Macaw Arena show.

Opening hours: 9:00AM-05:00PM

Safari Park Open Zoo has 2 projects:

Project 1 – Safari Park Open Zoo divided into 8 zones of animals

• Zone 1 Follow Deer (Fancy)
• Zone 2 Asiatic Black Bear
• Zone 3 Blackbuck
• Zone 4 Bengal Tiger
• Zone 5 African Lion
• Zone 6 Leopard
• Zone 7 Chital (Spotted Deer), Fallow Deer (White), Emu
• Zone 8 Giraffes, Zebras, Llamas, Camels,
Ostriches and Flamingoes.

Tourists will take a mini-bus to inside the park. There are 8 zones. The driver will take you through each section, giving you excellent photo opportunities as well as getting “up close and personal” with several animals. Tourists can clasp the animals affectionately around the neck. You can feed the animals directly from the bus as they all come up, or you can feed food from your mouth”. Tourists will enjoy and feel the atmosphere of excitement. Part wild animals, for example, Tigers and Lions, will not approach or to harm tourists.
Tourists can drive around inside the park, or take a minibus for free.

Project 2: The shows
• Elephant show
• Crocodiles wresting show
• Macaw arena show

We open daily; you can see more details on the page The shows.
Also, we have a viewpoint to allow tourists to take great photos with animals, for example, there is a viewpoint to take great photos with tigers and a viewpoint to take great photos with a macaw, etc.
Now, Safari Park Open Zoo has an educational project in camping for boy scouts, teaching ethics and conduct. We have a place in the natural atmosphere in the west forest.

Camp for boy scout at Safari Park Open Zoo:
There are 2 Camps.
Camp 1 Camping viewpoint.
Camp 2 Camping at a Thai style house, at the lake.

Animal Show
We have a viewpoint to allow tourists to take great photos with animals, for example, there is a viewpoint to take great photos with tigers and a viewpoint to take great photos with a macaw, etc.

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