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Upside Down House Pattaya

Upside Down House Pattaya

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  • Pattaya, Thailand
  • (35) Booked
  • (5) Rating
  • 4 Reviews

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Package Details

Admission ticket to upside down house Pattaya.

Tour Highlights

  • The most bizarre attraction in Pattaya
  • Modern and western Interior designing
  • Illusional photography scopes
  • Some of the most fun and amusing rides available here
  • Experience something out of the world type; anti-gravity

Tour Details

Upside Down House Pattaya is an exceptional house designed in a way to give you the impression that you're standing upside down.

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The illusion of the house will make you feel dizzy and a little hazed but that is the actual purpose of this structure. A different form of entertainment, one of its kind in Thailand and guaranteed fun for the whole family.
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This amazing architecture is designed cleverly in a two-storied building with all modern electronics and furniture of European style home.

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Everything in the house is attached to the ceiling and created the illusion that feels more than real. With the fantastic opportunity to take illusional photographs that make you look like a bat hanging from the ceiling, you could get more creative too.
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Make memories, capture the moment and laugh your lungs out as it gets hilarious inside. And if you're wondering if that is all, then behold.


 Five more amusement structures await you.

  • The Labyrinth (maze) - challenge you or your friends to get out of the twisting and turning paths of the maze within the shortest time length. Don't worry about losing your way inside; there is a high point inside the maze that will help you spot your way out quickly.

  • The Gyroscope - created to provide the feeling of riding a sports motorcycle: the perfect playtime and exciting ride.  

  • The leaning castle - one of its kind to give you the magical feeling of an era where knights, princesses, kings, and queens existed.

Tour, Activities & Sightseeing - amujamu

Other attractions include The Magic Barrel and Crazy Bicycle Challenge.



Opening hours: 10:00AM-6:00PM

If you are visiting this type of building for the first time, you will laugh yourself to death.
From the very first moment after entering our house you can feel as on the swaying sea or …. As after drinking a couple of shots. The interior of our house is equipped with modern furniture, stereo, and working TV, just like in every standard European house. Everything in the house is working because it is real. From the beginnings of the project till its finalization we knew, that the house can’t be just a copy of a normal house. It had to be exactly the same. So we’ve created from the scratch real, fully functional house with the difference, that we’ve set the house on its roof, leaned everything inside and additionally we’ve lifted the gable of the house up. The obtained effect became a true illusion of the human’s brain. Every single feeling in our brain becomes unreal… however… the illusion is working.
The view from the saloon at the top story stretches across the Great Image of Buddha on the rock near the Silver Lake.


Children 91-120 not exceed heights are centimeter ( Start 121 centimeter are adult)

Reviews ( 4 )





Visited the place with my children. It was the best experience for them, they didn’t wanted to leave




I love taking crazy pictures and upside down house in Pattaya is the best location i found




Had great fun and time spent well




It was a strange sight to see a house that is actually upside down. It did make us smile.